The Experience

1912 is a larp within the Nordic larp tradition. It is played with a focus on the individuals place in a historic social system and aims at being realistic in its play style and environment.

You can expect to play around themes of social class, racism, societal change, politics and personal relations and will receive written  characters from us.
All players in the household are expected to perform practical tasks during the larp. These tasks include, among others, cleaning, making beds, setting the table, cooking food, ironing, tending to fireplaces, assisting at dressing and decorating for Christmas. There will be many household characters that share these tasks and we want these tasks to be meaningful but we also want you to have enough time for personal play. We will guide you through the work tasks and hopefully we will get a feeling of routine at the larp.

Upper class characters are in their turn expected to(with a few exceptions) play their part in respecting and honoring the work force and follow the routine of the upper class life.

You can expect a large beautiful house with very discreet but modern facilities but with a temperature that might drop depending on how well the staff keeps the fireplaces going. There is a modern kitchen with an industrial size washing machine so washing up by hand will not be needed if you don’t wish to. All participants will have access to a proper bed to sleep in. If you play a married character you will have to share a double bed with the player of your partner.

Here are a few pictures of the location


Food is included in the price and will be made by participants playing kitchen staff with guidance from organizers. We will make allergy friendly food if you need it.

Safety and Sensitive Themes

In and off game racism/sexism/homophobia and accessibility.

In this larp we will touch upon several tough and unpleasant subjects. Themes like sexism, homophobia and racism are important for the larp experience and we cannot guarantee that you will not be influenced by or experience them ingame. If you as a player feel that you would be uncomfortable or triggered by these themes this larp is not for you. Our goal is to recreate the view of humanity that was a part of the Swedish society in 1912. This means that even the most progressive and feminist characters in the larp will be talking about a feminism based on a binary gender view and the inherent natural difference between man and woman. The same goes for homosexuality that at this time was viewed as a disease or a crime against morality and never was openly accepted in the societal circles where the larp will take place. Racism will be addressed through the interactions with the Finnish characters, and will be an important part of the larp.

Atropos do not stand behind any of these viewpoints and we aim to make the larp as including and safe for our participants as possible off game. Therefore it is important that you as a player stand behind every persons equal worth, no matter gender identity, sexuality, racial or ethnic heritage and ableism. No kind of off-game oppression or harassment will be accepted and any breach from this policy will lead to immediate expulsion from the larp.

We are aware that you as players may identify as nonbinary/agender/gender fluid and so forth. We see no need for players to play a character based on how society view their gender off-game. Instead we ask you to chose if you want to play a male or female character based on what kind of experience you are interested in having. The only off-game limitation to this is that you in order to play a Finnish player you need to be able to speak Finnish if you are playing the Swedish run, or a Scandinavian language if you are playing the international run.

Since the larp venue is an old mansion with loads of stairs you will not be able to use a wheelchair in the venue. If you have some sort of limitation in how much you can run around in stairs contact the organiser team so we can discuss a possible solution based on your needs together with you.