The World

The 23rd of December 1912

The world is in unrest. Women all over the world keep fighting for the right to vote and the working class is continuing to organise in unions and demanding better working conditions. Sweden seem to have a long way to go. In the farming system there is still a practice of thralls (people working without monetary compensation for board and food, often in horrible conditions and without a right to move or leave the land they are working on) and unlike the neighboring country Finland where women gained the right to vote in 1906, the Swedish women see little hope of the same rights any time soon. Sweden is still a small country in the outskirts of Europe, but they are more and more making themselves heard in the international conversations. In July this year, the Olympic Games were held in Stockholm and in the upper classes there is a prevailing feeling of the winds blowing in the right direction for economic growth.
Meanwhile, the news from Europe seem to be indicating a pending war approaching. Just a couple of weeks ago there was a torpedo attack on a Greek ship and the strong countries in Europe are strengthening their diplomatic bonds as a response to the unrest in the Balkan and Turkey spreading to their doorstep. The World Congress for peace in the Balkan region started in London the same day that Greece and Turkey attacked each others in the Bosporus. 2 days ago, the 21st of December 1912 Sweden, Norway, and Denmark made a joint statement that in case of European war they would remain neutral.

At the Steinwall house, the household is working overtime to get everything ready for the big Christmas celebration. With so many guests that all brought their own staff the house is filled to its limits and many can take an extra break here and there, rekindle old friendships and discuss politics or heart aches. The Finnish workers that in ever growing streams trickle over the border to seek work is greeted with mixed feelings. Sure, some of them are hard workers, but they also take work from young swedes trying to get a position in life! And the working class and the women’s rights movement are currently in a fierce argument with each other, fighting over what political fight should take precedent.

Still, it’s seldom there are so many people gathered at the same place and old romances and conflicts can get new fuel and new bonds created as the hard work to create a perfect Christmas for the upper class continues.

Upstairs, the Steinwall brothers, two well known restaurant owners in Stockholm who bought the mansion four years ago in 1908 have retreated together with some close friends of the family to celebrate Christmas in the Stockholm archipelago. When they bought it, their plan was to create a haven for their families away from the troubles of the surrounding world. However the political unrest of the world can easily seep into the festivities and under the surface of Christmas joy and friendly camaraderie, emotional and romantic drama fester.

Within the Steinwall family, there are rumors of a pending wedding, and conflicts and secrets threaten to surface during the weekend. This year the party is also joined by two university friends of Young Mr Steinwall.

1912 is a larp about a completely ordinary family celebrating a completely ordinary Christmas vacation with their loved ones. Under a well dressed surface conflicts, relationships, jealousy, love and competition boils.