Where: Villa Björkudden at Tynningö island
Tynningövägen, 185 92 Vaxholm

How to get there: Most easily you access the venue by bus and ferry from Stockholm or by car and ferry. More exact travelling information will be given closer to the event.

When: 24th to the 27th of january for the nordic run and 31th of january to the 3d of february for the international run

Contact email:

Players: 47

Costume: HERE is our costume guide and Pinterest boards:

Thursday the 24/1 or 31/1
17.15 be on site and ready for workshops
19.30 Dinner
20.15 Workshops
22.00 Done for the day

Friday 25/1 or 1/2
7.30 Larp start

Saturday 26/1 or 2/2 (Christmas eve ingame)
15.00 Christmas dinner for the upper class
18.00 Christmas dinner for the lower class
20.00 Evening meal and dance

Sunday 27/1 or 3/2  (Christmas day)
Ca 9.45 Larp ends

Ticket price
We will use a varied payment plan where the standard price is 2000 SEK but with the choice of subsidized tickets (1500 SEK) for those with a strained budget and sponsor tickets (2500 SEK) for those who wish to boost the project and help us reach our ideal vision. The more sponsor tickets we get the more we will be able to invest in scenography, food and similar. If we end up with a surplus we will use it to invest into future projects.