Sign up will be open from the 1st of August until the 15th of August. Once the sign-up period has ended a list of all the people signed up will be sent out to everyone who submitted an application and you will be given a week to go through the list and send in your flaggings.

The flagging system works like this:
Green flag – person you would love to play close to
Yellow flag – person you not feel comfortable playing close to
Red flag – person that makes you feel so unsafe you don’t want to be at the same larp as them

After we receive the flagging from everyone we will do a lottery for the spots of the larp. We do give ourselves the right to specially pick a small number of participants to make the player group as diverse as possible.

After the lottery and the casting is done we will send out the character concept to the ones that has gotten a spot at the larp and a decline to those who did not make it in the lottery. You will automatically end up on the waiting list unless you explicitly ask to be removed.

In the case of you being drawn in the lottery but declined a place at the larp because of too many red or yellow flags we will send you an email explaining the reason why you have not been given a spot on the larp. This is a small larp with under 50 players and with heavy themes, and the most important thing for us is that the player group feel safe to explore those themes.

Sign up link

Initial sign-up period is over.

Any further sign-ups using the following link will be added to the reserve list instead of being part of the initial lottery.

Reserve List Sign-Up Link